5 reasons to sell on Etsy (and how to get started)

Etsy has made it easier than ever to sell homemade crafts and vintage goods directly to your target demographic with practically zero overhead. With a community and vibe that's similar to eBay, Etsy should be on your radar if you're interested in earning either a passive or full-time income selling everything from artwork to artisan goods online, and here's why:

First, Etsy lets you organize your entire business and track sales online, through a series of tools that allow you to download customized inserts, create promotional materials with your logo on them, and more.

Second, Etsy offers a distinct community of customers who are most likely to buy your hand-made and artisan products (as opposed to sites like eBay that sell virtually every type of object on the planet).

Third, you'll have access to a comprehensive eCommerce platform that will cut costs and allow you to focus more on keeping your customers happy.

Fourth, Etsy makes it easy to set up an account and start reaching potential customers right away—as opposed to sites that force you to find individual customers through a series of obnoxious messages.

Finally, the fees for setting up an account and selling your products are minuscule when compared to most online vendors—ranging from just 50 cents to 75 cents per item depending on size and category.

If you're interested in making money with your creative endeavors online with Etsy, check out the Launch Your Etsy Store: 3-Course Bundle, which offers a comprehensive overview of everything this platform has to offer—through instruction that teaches you how to set up an account, launch your store, market your products to your key demographic, and much more. Usually priced at $127, this training will help you get up and running with Etsy for just $19.99 right now.