Check out three premium pillow options that will sour you on a down pillow forever.

We all know sleep is important. But once you dig into the facts, you might be surprised at just how important it is. People who get adequate sleep each night tend to weigh less, exhibit better concentration and productivity, show fewer signs of heart disease and stroke and even suffer fewer mental health issues like depression than those who toss and turn every night.

Meanwhile, how well you sleep could link back to one incredibly basic factor: your pillow.  In addition to comfort, your pillow is supposed to be offering your neck and upper back support during your sleeping hours. Without the right support, you may be more restless, sleep-deprived and prone to all that ugly stuff above.

We can't have it. So check out these three options for replacing your current pillow with one ready to do the nocturnal work you need.

Aloe Ice Pillow Gel – $81.99 (Originally $109)

If you ever felt a memory foam pillow left you a little too warm to sleep comfortably, then welcome to gel foam. The Aloe Ice contours to your head and neck like memory foam, but the water expanded gel infused with soothing aloe vera essential oil offers 3,000 times more airflow than other foam pillows. The result of all those breathable and heat-dissipating materials is the coolest, most comfortable night's sleep imaginable.

Refresh Memory Foam Pillow – $73.99 (Originally $99)

Adapting to the natural shape of your body, the soft to the touch, pressure relief Refresh pillow is the pillow of choice for stomach and back sleepers as well as those that prefer a lower loft. Infused with soothing green tea essential oil, this pillow helps to relax the muscles of the head and neck for supreme comfort throughout the night.

CERAMO Queen Pillow – $59.99 (Originally $79)

This time, it's a bio-ceramic gel that helps fuel the CERAMO's sleep improving powers. In addition to its supportive traits and cooling properties, this pillow recycles and converts radiant body heat as far-infrared energy that can help improve blood oxygen levels, promote muscle relaxation, reduce stress, increase blood circulation, and reduce joint inflammation.