The CrunchCup allows you to take your cereal wherever you go

The bummers of adulthood are too many to count, but one of our least favorites is the inability to sit down and enjoy a nice bowl of cereal. When you've got a long commute ahead, let's face it: That extra time it takes to pour the milk and chow down is too precious to spare.

That's why we're recommending the CrunchCup™ Portable Cereal Cup to you today.

The simple genius behind this thing is pretty impressive. It consists of two cups—one nested inside the other. You pour your milk into the bigger one, then your cereal of choice into the smaller one. Screw on the top, then take it on the road.

The cover on the lid gives you enough space for a hearty bite with every sip, and it combines the two on the way to your mouth. It might even be a better solution than the traditional bowl if you're the type of eater who likes to keep their cereal crispy.

The CrunchCup™ Portable Cereal Cup is on sale now for 33% off the original price.