'Friday' star Rebecca Black says going viral sucked. 9 years later, she's back.

Remember 'Friday,' the internet-propelled pop hit everyone loved to mock in 2011? Yeah. Rebecca Black became a star overnight, and she says it sucked.

Oh, and: She's back, and she's not 13 anymore.

"I'm trying to remind myself more and more that every day is a new opportunity to shift your reality and lift your spirit," she wrote. "You are not defined by any one choice or thing. Time heals and nothing is finite. It's a process that's never too late to begin."

From CNN:

Black was only in middle school when she filmed the infamous video. She paid a company called Ark Music Factory to write her a song and film a music video for it, starring her and her friends.

It's not an artistic achievement, but it's fitting for the young star at its center. In it, Black sways and sings her way through a Friday — she wakes up, she eats cereal, she can't decide which seat in a convertible to take. Typical teen stuff.

The negative comments rolled in almost immediately, and nearly all of them lambasted Black.
"It's not that I was protecting this thing as, like, my prized most beautiful creative thing I've ever made in my life," she told Buzzfeed in 2019. "But it was me. And that was my face. And that was my name people were making fun of."

Watch the video and read more at CNN:
'Friday' almost ruined Rebecca Black's life. 9 years later, she's addressing the toll it took

[Scottie Andrew, CNN, Updated 11:58 AM ET, Tue February 11, 2020]

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