Brave try at world sparkler record fails on technicality in Wyoming

In Wyoming, an attempt to break the world record for the most sparklers lit at one time failed on a technicality. Bummer.

Officials from Guinness World Records ruled that each participant was required to light his or her own sparkler during the attempt in Gillette, The Gillette News Record reports, and that technicality spoiled the try.

The attempt in August was part of the Pyrotechnics Guild International's 50th annual convention, AP reports:

More than 1,700 people attended and 2,500 sparklers were lit. The current record is 1,713.

Basic guidelines are listed on the Guinness website, but the specific guidelines were not received prior to the attempt.

Christen Burdette of the the Campbell County Convention and Visitors Bureau center said Guinness officials were impressed and complimented the event organized by the bureau and the Gillette Main Street organization, but unfortunately the effort was not viable.

"It's a bummer, but that just means we have to do it again," Burdette said.