Changing a 35 MPH traffic sign to 85 MPH with a piece of tape causes Tesla to drive 85 MPH

Researchers at McAfee adding a small piece of tape to the "3" on a 35 MPH traffic sign, to make it look a little like an "8." Then they put two older model Teslas in autonomous mode, and both accelerated to the new speed limit.

Don't try this in a school zone, kids.

From Business Insider:

Tesla's newer models use proprietary cameras, and MobilEye EyeQ3 has released newer versions of its cameras that McAfee tested and said were not fooled by the modified sign.

The McAfee researcher Povolny told MIT Tech Review that the findings were still concerning, though, as plenty of 2016 Teslas are still on the roads. "We are not trying to spread fear and say that if you drive this car, it will accelerate into through a barrier, or to sensationalize it," he said. "The reason we are doing this research is we're really trying to raise awareness for both consumers and vendors of the types of flaws that are possible."

Image: McAfee