Data breach at U.S. agency in charge of securing Trump's communication

The Defense Information Systems Agency, which calls itself a combat support agency of the Defense Department on its website, employs 8,000 military and civilian employees.

The DIA, which is responsible for secure White House communications, said Social Security numbers and other personal data its network held, was likely compromised, reports Reuters, citing a letter sent to compromised individuals.

From reporting by Chris Bing at Reuters:

The letter, dated Feb. 11, 2020, says that between May and July 2019, personal data may have been compromised "in a data breach" on a system hosted by the Defense Information Systems Agency.

The White House did not immediately answer a request for comment and the letter provided few further details. For example, it did not indicate what specific part of DISA's network had been breached or identify which other individuals may have had their data compromised.

The agency says it "provides direct telecommunications and IT support to the president, vice president, their staff, and the U.S. Secret Service."

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