Unleash your mobile app development skills with this world-class training

Everyone's got their nose in a phone these days, and that doesn't seem like it's going to change anytime soon. With the increase in mobile device and e-commerce reliance comes increased need for developers who can build the apps we're all so glued to. In fact, employment of devs is expected to grow up to 13% by 2028, quite a bit faster than other occupations. Milk that for all its worth by snapping up the 2020 Mobile App Developers Bundle and teaching yourself these in-demand technologies.

With over 20 hours of beginner-friendly training, this bundle will teach you the skills you need to help market yourself for a $70K-ish salary, thanks to 7 courses presented by world-class e-learning platform Zenva Academy.

Across 265 lessons, you'll use simple text color selecting and input/output apps plus more complex weather forecasting, pet activity, and contacts apps projects as hands-on teaching tools. You'll learn how to build apps for both Android and iOS using Swift & Apple's integrated development environment XCode, Android Studio, XML, Kotlin, SQL database integration, RESTful APIs, Flutter open-source framework, Java, and Firebase (Google's cloud-based platform that allows you to build mobile applications without needing to write the back-end code).

The 2020 Mobile App Developers Bundle is available now for only $29.99, 91% off MSRP.