If you want to test CBD's impact on your health, these gummies could be the answer

Despite legalization in 11 states and decriminalization in 15 more, marijuana-based products are still an often tough sell with many Americans. While the psychoactive THC portion of the plant remains controversial, the medicinal impact of the non-altering component of cannibis, CBD, is widely hailed.

Many portions of those claims still await medical verification, but for those who swear by CBD, you can try it for yourself with these Holiday CBD Premium CBD Gummies. Right now, a bottle is available for just $32.99, almost 20 percent off the retail price.

Made from sustainable and organically grown hemp and containing absolutely zero THC, each of these 20 tasty gummies pack 10 mg of CBD and all its benefits without any of marijuana's mood-altering side-effects.

As a warning, you should be aware that these gummies are only available to those 18 or older; are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease; and should only be used as a dietary supplement after consultation with a doctor.

Regularly $39.99, a bottle of Holiday CBD Premium CBD Gummies are now $8 off, just $32.