The stock market is plunging today, but two things are up: the price of gold, and weed use among seniors

As of 12:35pm ET, the Dow Jones index is down nearly 1,000 points, due mainly to uncertainty about how Covid-15 will affect international trade. To balance the decline, here are two things that are going up: Gold, which is at at 7-year high, and seniors, who getting higher than ever.

From CNBC: "Spot gold climbed 2.1% at $1,677.24 per ounce. The session high, $1,688.66, was its highest since January 2013. U.S. gold futures jumped 2.2% to $1,684.30."

From CNN: "The numbers of American seniors over age 65 who now smoke marijuana or use edibles increased two-fold between 2015 and 2018, according to research published Monday in JAMA."


Images: Weed, CC0 Public Domain; Joyful elf, CC0 Public Domain.