This fan looks amazing in your home and could save you hundreds in AC costs later this year

As you shiver your way through February, you're probably thinking about paying your heating bill. But in just a few short months, the summer sun is going to come calling — and the fear of pulling that energy bill out of your mailbox will start becoming very, very real.

Air conditioning accounts for about an eighth of a U.S. home's total household energy costs, which translates to hundreds of dollars a year. Instead, invest now in driving those monthly bills down this summer with a Star Tripod 16-inch Stand Fan, now almost $100 off its regular price.

And no, this isn't one of those cheap plastic air-swirlers you'd buy at Walmart that sounds like it could rattle apart at any minute.

This Star fan is solid construction, top to bottom. A full-metal, 120-volt, 60-watt fan built from die-cast parts, this is heavy-duty industrial-style equipment made to survive for the long haul.

The 3-speed oscillating head spreads cool air throughout the space with adjustable height and tilt from atop the well-balanced, 3-pronged hardwood legs. Standing up to 58 inches tall, the legs give this model a vintage, classic look that makes it just as style conscious as it is energy conscious.

Available in Matte Black or Satin Nickel finishes, you can get the Star Tripod Stand Fan now for $90 off its retail price, just $359.99.