Woman drunkenly threatened to 'stab everyone' on flight to D.C., say prosecutors

A woman who was heavily intoxicated was arrested on a Saturday flight from Frankfurt to Washington, D.C., after she tried to smoke a cigarette in the plane bathroom, and blurted out that her whole family was recently killed in a car accident, none of which was true, say federal prosecutors.

Dana Mustafa threatened to "stab everyone on the plane. Then kill myself," while handcuffed on the flight to from Germany to Dulles International Airport, authorities claim.

"What's the point of living?" she is recorded as saying.

A half-empty liter bottle of Absolut vodka was found in her purse.


From the Washington Post:

She made her first appearance in Alexandria federal court Monday afternoon, charged with assaulting an officer. She does not yet have an attorney.

Mustafa first attracted attention on the evening United Airlines flight when she set off the smoke detector in the lavatory, according to court records. Flight attendants told her she could not smoke on the plane and took her back to her seat.

She was crying loudly and smelled of alcohol, according to the criminal complaint, and told the flight staff that she was flying home to see her family but that they had just been killed by a drunk driver. She punched the television monitor in front of her seat and threw a coin at the bulkhead, according to prosecutors.

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Woman drunkenly threatened to 'stab everyone' on flight to D.C., falsely claimed family tragedy, prosecutors say

PHOTO: Dana Mustafa was arrested on a flight to Dulles International Airport from Germany on Saturday night, after authorities say she drunkenly threatened to stab everyone on board. (Alexandria Sheriff's Office)