These inkless pens are on sale for up to 60% off

The world just isn't made for lefties. From baseball gloves to can openers to credit card readers with slots on the right side, the 10 percent of the planet with a dominant left hand long ago realized they're trapped in a world crafted by the other 90 percent.

Among all those indignities, there may be no more lefty a problem than when a left-handed person tries to write with an ink pen. Even with attention, the left hand perpetually slides over freshly-scrawled text over and over, leading to smudged pages, an ink-stained hand and loads of frustration.

Omega feels you, lefties. They make a pen that handles everything your typical ballpoint can do…but with no ink. On top of that, they're also putting them on sale now at up to 60 percent off the regular price.

And while this tech marvel is of particular note to the lefties in your life, right-handed people can still buy an Omega as well. Because unlike the other 90 percent, lefties don't discriminate.

With the Omega 2.0 AXL Inkless Pen ($29.99; originally $41.99), you'll quickly find you don't need ink because that's not what you're writing with — you're writing with metal. The AXL metal tip lays down a grey line made of anodized aluminum, a line that can't be smudged or erased.

And not only does the Omega never need ink, it never needs to be refilled at all…or replaced. This entirely eco-friendly lead and aluminum alloy instrument never stops working, continuing to lay down its thin metallic line for as long as your pen survives.

Of course, even products that never need to be replaced can stand for some improvement, which is why you can also check out the alternate stylings of the Omega Series 4 Pen ($19.99; originally $50) or the Omega Series 5 Pen $29.99; originally $49.99), which comes with its own handy pen stand.

With savings from $12 to $30, sample each Omega to see which one works for you as the pen of choice for the rest of eternity.