This ultra-portable charger gives you up to 3 extra hours of battery life when you need it most

Nobody wants to be caught with a dead phone. Usually, your poor planning is no more than a matter of momentary inconvenience. But what if your phone is dead at the wrong time?

And we mean a very wrong time. Like if you're in desperate need of emergency help. Or when you absolutely have to connect with someone immediately. In just a handful of moments, the seemingly minor act of failing to charge up can have some very real and lasting consequences.

The AtomXS 3+ Hour Emergency Keychain Charger is engineered to be the ultimate failsafe when you fail to handle your charging duties.

At less than 2.5 inches across and weighing only a few ounces, the ergonomic AtomXS slips unobtrusively into your pocket or can connect easily to a keychain or bag so it can always be with you for the right occasion.

If your phone is running out of power, the 1,300mAh of power stuffed conveniently into this tiny high-density battery cell can be a real lifesaver. Just pop out the retractable Lightning, USB or Micro USB connector, plug it directly into your phone and you'll immediately have an extra three hours of battery life to assure you never lose touch.

The unit springs to life with a touch of the sensor and even powers off after 40 seconds of inactivity. The AtomXS holds a charge for up to three months so as long as you can remember to keep this trusty little e-charger powered up every once in a while, you'll never find yourself with a dead device again.

The AtomXS 3+ Hour Emergency Keychain Charger retails for $49.99, but right now, it's $10 off, down to just $39.99.