Fox News' Brit Hume posts website screenshot with "Sexy Vixen Vinyl" in other tab

Brit Hume, a right-wing talking head on Fox, today tweeted a screenshot of betting markets' odds on presidential candidates. One of his other tabs, however, had the title "Sexy Vixen Vinyl" and this is what everyone wants to know about.

Search results for the term were immediately polluted with references to the tweet itself, but the only viable candidate is this product page at for a "Sexy Vixen Vinyl Set" comprising a sexy vixen vinyl bra, a sexy vixen booty shorts and other sexy vixen vinyl accessories.

Look like a total goddess in this vinyl halter bra featuring underwire cups, square nail head stud accents, and a back zipper closure. (Gloves not included.)

Everyone is assuming it's for his wife. Not how it works, kids.