Elizabeth Warren quits race

Democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren is dropping out of the race to challenge President Trump in november's general election. After a disappointing Super Tuesday saw Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders split the lions' share of delegates, no path to the nomination remained for the last woman in contention.

It leaves what was once a historically diverse Democratic field essentially narrowed to two white men in their seventies. Sanders is 78 and Biden is 77.

The trajectory of the race has rapidly shifted in recent days, with Biden gaining momentum in the contests that voted on Super Tuesday. Biden won at least 10 states on Tuesday, a dramatic turnaround for a candidacy that very recently looked doomed.

Warren's dismal showing the same day included a third-place result in her own state of Massachusetts, which Biden won, and where she finished five percentage points behind the Vermont independent Sanders.

In an interview last night with Rachel Maddow, Sanders repudiated supporters who attacked Warren and said he'd "love to sit down and talk to her about what kind of role she could pay in our administration."