Kickstart your digital marketing career with this 100-hour training bundle

What falls under the heading of digital marketing these days? Well, frankly…a heck of a lot. Once you start factoring in everything from search engines and social media to emails and the vast network of websites out there and before you know it, it's easy for new digital media creators to get overwhelmed quickly.

But with retail eCommerce expected to amount to $4.5 trillion next year, it's way too important to ignore. So with that much at stake, it's vital to know your stuff. The massive block of training available in The 2020 Complete Digital Marketing for Beginners Bundle will go a long way toward helping growing digital professionals understand the landscape and get their arms around everything it entails.

And trust in this…this collection is absolutely comprehensive.  Featuring a whopping 14 courses packed with more than 100 hours of instruction, your digital marketing career will start the right way with full introductions to social media marketing, SEO, email outreach, paid ads, content creation and more.

After courses in the fine art of sales and negotiating as well as digital media basic learning covering blogging and creating the right content around your marketing efforts, the coursework starts to delve into all the most important venues for your messaging.

Since social media is where so many modern shoppers live, you'll get in-depth guides to reaching audiences on some of the most vital platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. You'll even get training in using the exploding viral video environment of TikTok to maximize your reach.

Students will also explore how paid ads work in 10 different digital domains, using email giant MailChimp to reach more people, the importance of search engine optimization (SEO), and how to build a presence in new expanding eCommerce realms like Mercari and Fiverr.

With a retail value of nearly $2,800, this is a course package that covers an insane amount of ground. But at just $79.99, just over $5 per course, you'll get firsthand training at an affordable price.