William Shatner wins a huge load of horse semen in his divorce settlement

Late last year, William Shatner announced his divorce from Elizabeth Anderson Martin, his wife of 18 years. Now that all the legal smoke has settled, the Calgary Herald has reported the details of the Canadian Star Trek actor's settlement with his fourth former-spouse.

In the agreement, Martin gets to keep the house in Malibu as well as the 360-acre farm in Versailles, Kentucky. But Shatner is legally obligated to keep not only his Star Trek royalties (thanks to a pre-nup), but also all of the semen and horsebreeding equipment related to the couples' award-winning horses.

Horse jizz is, of course, a highly valued commodity — at least if you have a good breed — so it makes sense that such a thing would be included in the official legal documents pertaining to the couples' divorce.

I guess this frees up Kirk's horses to boldly come where no horse has come before.

William Shatner gets 'all horse semen' in divorce settlement with fourth wife [Calgary Herald]

Image: Chucao / Wikimedia Commons (CC 3.0) and Public Domain