U.S. Army whistleblower Chelsea Manning in hospital recovering from suicide attempt

Whistleblower Chelsea Manning attempted suicide while in jail today, say her lawyers. She is recovering in a hospital

From Axios:

Manning is still scheduled to appear on Friday for a previously calendared hearing, her lawyers said. "Judge Anthony Trenga will rule on a motion to terminate the civil contempt sanctions stemming from her May 2019 refusal to give testimony before a grand jury investigating the publication of her 2010 disclosures," [the statement] added. "In spite of those sanctions — which have so far included over a year of so-called 'coercive' incarceration and nearly half a million dollars in threatened fines — she remains unwavering in her refusal to participate in a secret grand jury process that she sees as highly susceptible to abuse. … Ms. Manning has previously indicated that she will not betray her principles, even at risk of grave harm to herself."

After serving seven years in prison for providing documents to Wikileaks, Manning was released in 2017 by then President Obama. In May she was jailed again for refusing to comply with a grand jury subpoena.