Customer demands refund at Burger King as restaurant burns down

The video below shows a customer in a vehicle at a Burger King drive-through window. The restaurant is clearly ablaze, with smoke billowing from the roof and fire alarms shrieking. Staff, who have evacuated the building, call for her to move away from the burning structure. The customer demands a refund.

MAN EMPLOYEE: "Is anyone still inside?"

WOMAN EMPLOYEE: "Move! It's on fire!"

CUSTOMER (emerging from car): "I don't give a fuck! I just moved! Now give me my money! That's what I'm asking for!"

MAN EMPLOYEE: *Incoherent anguish*

CUSTOMER: "Y'all were just laughing in there. Now you come out here and act all serious? You're fucking stupid!"

MAN EMPLOYEE: [*further incoherent anguish*] stupid motherfucker.

CUSTOMER: You … this is why you work at Burger King. That's why you work at Burger King making $13 an hour homes!

Exeunt right.