This productivity bundle features nine Mac apps that'll absolutely change how you work

Productivity isn't just about working smarter or faster. It's actually about making you a happier person. Ninety-two percent of employees said that having the right technology to help do their job with greater efficiency actually made them happier in their work. And the real question here is — what's up with those other 8 percent?

Of course, the right tools make your life a better place. So when you've got a chance to secure a whole cache of new apps to have your Mac performing at the top of its game, you should jump at the chance.

You get nine-count 'em — nine of those much-needed life hacks in The 2020 Mac Productivity Essentials Bundle, now over 90 percent off their regular prices at only $29.99 for the whole collection.

A full third of this bundle includes bedrock apps that any user has to own to create digital content in 2020. PDF is the most universally recognized e-document format in the world, so having a full-service editor like PDF Reader Pro for editing any text, images, style or more in a PDF is vitally important.

Meanwhile, the one-two combo of image editor Movavi Photo Editor and vector graphics creator Amadine: The Ultimate Vector Graphics Software for Mac can handle all the work you'd usually need Photoshop, Illustrator or both to accomplish — and without that sky-high monthly subscription fee.

As for your desktop operations, another tandem pair — MultiDock App Organizer and WindowSwitcher — can streamline how you access all your files. MultiDock creates a fully customizable desktop panel to reach your most-used apps, documents, and folders in a click, while WindowSwitcher does the same with your windows, offering one easy-to-view-and-use display to instantly see everything currently in use on your Mac.

Since your Mac's security should always be a consideration, a lifetime of Fastest VPN coverage to protect all your online activities is a $300 value on its own. Then Sticky Password Premium membership can slap ultra-strong encrypted passwords protection on any account logins anywhere as another layer of premium security for all your sensitive data.

Finally, the Focus Website and Application Blocker and Zap Reader apps can improve the most valuable resource your Mac uses to run smoothly: You. Focus creates a customized filter to block any distracting websites, domains, or apps; while ZapReader can turn you into a speed reader with exercises aimed at fine-tuning your brain process more information faster.

Altogether, these apps would cost you over $1,300 to gather them all separately. With this bundle offer, your whole set is available for less than $3 per app.