Conan O'Brien to host his show on his iPhone from home

I saw this tweet yesterday and though it might be a joke, but it's not. Conan O'Brien really is going to host his show remotely starting Monday, March 30. Guests will Skype in to be interviewed and the audience will be stuck-at-home, self-isolating types, like me (and maybe you?). The new episodes will air on TBS, as usual.

The quality of my work will not go down because technically that's not possible," said O'Brien.

"Our first priority is the health and well-being of everyone in the Team Coco family, and our second priority is to try and find a way that we can do our jobs safely, from home, and contribute some entertainment for our fans out there who may be hungry for silly distraction," said Jeff Ross, Executive Producer.

Speaking of a "silly distraction":

screengrab via Conan/Twitter