Fill up your kitchen with Damascus knives that make cooking look like art

Pro tip: You don't have to be a five-star Michelin chef to impress in the kitchen. In fact, you don't always have to have any cooking ability at all.

If visitors take one look around your kitchen and spot a few upscale kitchen items, or even items that just look upscale, your standing as a person who knows their way around the culinary arts goes up.

Forged from Damascus steel, Damascus knives have a unique and striking wavy, patterned design that instantly catches the eye and implies you're a serious kitchen presence — even if your skills don't extend beyond microwave popcorn.

Whether you just want one as a showpiece or if you're looking for a full set, you can take an extra 15 percent off the already discounted price by entering the code SPRINGSAVE15 during checkout.

Solo knives

There's no more important weapon in a chef's arsenal that a quality chef's knife — and the Damascus Santoku style chef knife ($38.20 after discount; originally $129) just screams formidable. In addition to the Santoku-style blade capable of handling most kitchen activities, it also comes with a sophisticated leather sheath that makes it an instant attention-getter.

Of course, a gorgeous handle can put an already premium Damascus blade over the top. The Damascus chef knife with buffalo horn, brass and rose wood handle ($50.95 after discount; originally $94) not only slices, chops and skins like a pro, but the stunning buffalo horn and rose wood handle looks amazing. As does the pakka and rose wood hilt on this chef knife ($29.70 after discount; originally $72).

For those looking to move beyond a chef knife, a quality paring knife for more intricate cutting, peeling, and mincing isn't a bad play either. This pro chef kitchen paring knife ($45 after discount; originally $70) is crafted from 240-plus layers of Damascus steel, 100 percent hand-forged and heat-treated for high-end, superior kitchen performance.

And if you need power for a heavy duty meat-rending hack or chop, the heavy kitchen cleaver ($47.55 after discount; originally $74.20) will get the job done — and then some. At 10 inches and with a hardness of 58 to 60 HRC, this etched and engraved blade checks all the boxes.

2-piece sets

This 58HRC Damascus steel chef and fork knife set ($59.45 after discount; originally $92.40) not only cut and function with the best of them, their rustic, yet elegant look gives the feel that they just came right off the set of Game of Thrones.

The fork is great, but if you need a pair of blades instead, the Damascus chef knives 2-piece set ($50.95 after discount; originally $137) have stunning cooper bolster and dyed bone handles on the 13-inch and 9.25-inch chef knives, each with a leather sheath, that expand your preparation options.

3-piece sets

The pakka wood scale handles on this hand-forged Damascus steel 3-piece chef knife set ($59.49 after discount; originally $89) give this collection a stunning vibe — and the variety of 13, 11, and 9-inch blades offer tons of versatility, regardless of the kitchen task at hand.

If you want a full set to keep several intricate cutting assignments happening at once, the mini chef knives set of 3 ($63.70 after discount; originally $99.40) offers three 4-inch blades to get an assortment of kitchen prep knocked out quickly.

4-piece sets

No matter your preferred kitchen aesthetic, either the solid, hearty Japanese pro olive wood kitchen knives 4-piece set ($63.70 after discount; originally $99.40); or the sleeker, more dangerous looking rose wood chef knives 4 piece set ($63.70 after discount; originally $99.40) should satisfy your needs. Whether you like the utility of the diverse olive wood set or the functionality of the more uniform rose wood collection, both serve up expert-level performance.

5-piece sets

For those never sure where their cooking adventures may take them, better to be fully prepared with a complete 5-piece assemblage like this olive wood Japanese style set ($113 after discount; originally $176.40). You'll also get a variety of blade lengths with this equally classic pro chef's knives with Henkel rosewood and special burl set ($84.95 after discount; originally $134.40), including two 7.5-inch knives, two 6-inchers and one 2.5-inch blade for paring duties.

For added utility, the 5-piece professional Damascus chef's kitchen set ($152.95 after discount; originally $475) with rosewood handles are designed for all manner of kitchen needs, from chopping and dicing meat and vegetables to precision work on smaller culinary projects.

Finally, the Cuta 5-piece chef knives set ($103.65 after discount; originally $162.39) are a formidable collection, featuring polished rosewood and olive wood handles that look solidly traditional, especially in contrast to the artisanal pattern work of the Damascus blades.

Prices are subject to change.