Take back your bed. We've got options to make your slumber a pleasure again.

Everywhere you look, anxiety is high. We all know why. And let's face it, we've got plenty of good reasons for all that concern.

But we say it's time to take a stand.

There's only one way to eat an elephant: one bite at a time. In that spirit, make one small move right now toward regaining some control in your world.

Take back your bed.

Hear us out on this. Rather than letting your bed become somewhere you either convalesce or hideaway in and cocoon from real-world problems, transform your bed into a sanctuary. Make it the place you want to retreat to each night in ultimate comfort.

To help make your bed into a true oasis, consider these 30 items that'll instantly upgrade your sleepy time. And when you enter the code SPRINGSAVE15 at checkout, you'll get another 15 percent off the already discounted price.

We're on your side. Remake your bed — and change the world.

Mattress and mattress accessories

Any premium bed setup always starts with a brilliant cornerstone: the mattress. You can't do much better as a foundation than the Yaasa ONE Mattress ($466.65 after discount; originally $899), packed full of cooling infinity foam that delivers contoured support, durability and a cool night's sleep.

Of course, keeping cool may not be on the top of your mind in the winter. So if you'd rather stay warm, the Sable Queen Size Electric Heated Mattress Pad ($50.14 after discount; originally $69.99) has 10 temperatures to choose from, an automatic timer and speedy warm-up times so you won't have to shiver as you wait for your bed to warm up.

If you're going to invest in a new mattress or try to preserve your old one, the Bamboo Bedding Mattress Protector ($21.24 after discount; originally $49.99) offers durable, eco-friendly construction, an Oeko-Tex certification that it's free of harmful chemicals and comfortable sleep experience. Or you can get a little more ornate with the Arctic Chill Super Cooling Gel Fiber Fill Mattress Topper ($76.49 after discount; originally $159.99), including a moisture-wicking sheet fabric over a hypoallergenic polyester gel that provides downy softness with perfect support.

Duvets and comforters

It's the first thing anyone notices about their bed, so let this Home Collection Premium Ultra Soft 3-Piece Duvet Cover Set ($33.95 after discount; originally $89.99) tie the room together. Of course, it isn't just a pretty face — it also transfers body heat up to two times better than regular bedding for a more soothing slumber.

If you just want a thick extra layer to block out the cold, you could also try the Home Collection All Season Down-Alternative Comforter ($43.30 after discount; originally $119.99) with baffle-box construction to avoid fiber shifting so you don't need to constantly be re-fluffing. Or check out the Down Alternative All Season Comforter ($91.75 after discount; originally $199) with a cotton fiber that feels and performs just like pure goose down comforters.


Weighted blankets and their anxiety-reducing properties are all the rage — and the Kathy Ireland Weighted Blanket ($42.49 after discount; originally $99) is just the ticket to feel secure, calm and relaxed. The gentle pressure of this anxiety soothing blanket offers the feel of a hug and sweet dreams.

You could also try the Weighted Anti-Anxiety Blanket ($50.99 after discount; originally $149.99), with one side velvety soft, the other a comfortable microfiber fabric with glass beading inside to help weight the blanket down and provide the comfort you seek. As for the Corala Premium Weighted Blanket ($110.49 after discount; originally $254), it employs a smaller than average diamond pattern which evens out weight distribution across your body to boost serotonin levels and help you relax.

But sometimes, weighted just isn't enough. You need big. Hence, the Big Blanket ($101.99 after discount; originally $500). At 10 feet by 10 feet, it's the size of 4 average throw blankets put together, so if you want to bundle up the whole family on the couch for movie night, this Kickstarter darling is your choice.

Sheet sets

The sheets are the true meat of your bedding sandwich, so the comfort and breathability of the 6-Piece White Ultra-Soft Bed Sheet Set With Side Pockets ($25.49 after discount; originally $39.99) are a smart buy.

You could also go with the Yaasa Grey Microfiber Sheet Set ($28.89 after discount; originally $44) with easy-care, hypoallergenic fabric and a brushed weave for an incredibly soft feel; or the Paisley Microfiber Sheet Set ($21.24 after discount; originally $49.99) that's also antimicrobial and antibacterial, making this the perfect buy for those with allergies or sensitive skin.

The Home Collection Premium Ultra Soft 6-Piece Bed Sheet Set ($36.54 after discount; originally $99.99) features imported double-brushed microfiber yarns, making these sheets twice as durable as cotton and completely wrinkle-free.

Or just go for the Cadillac of bedsheets with the Luxe Soft & Smooth 6-Piece Sheet Set ($157.20 after discount; originally $329). These sheets are crafted from 100 percent MicroTENCEL lyocell fibers so gentle to the skin with a silk-like feel that the microscopic surfaces of the fibers are smoother than modal, cotton, or wool.

Memory Foam Pillows

If you've never had memory foam pillows, offering cushiony softness on one side with head and neck supporting firmness on the other, it's time to change that.

With a firm inner layer and adjustable filling that can be easily removed or added to the outer layer, the Sable Shredded Memory Foam Pillow with Thickened Bamboo Pillowcase ($18.69 after discount; originally $32.99) can be shaped to fit just your pillowy needs. Meanwhile, the Shredded Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow ($18.69 after discount; originally $40) is temperature-smart, responding to your body's heat and movement to help keep you cool all night long.

The Cushion Lab Ergonomic Contour Memory Foam Pillow ($33.99 after discount; originally $65) is made from proprietary Hyperfoam, specially contoured to help seamlessly move from back to side sleep with optimal neck support, all without readjusting.

Finally, the BestRest 3D Memory Restore Pillow ($59.49 after discount; originally $100) utilizes a double-sided 3D Thermofress memory foam material that adapts to all shapes and sizes, making it a perfect pillow for the frequent traveler.

Gel fiber pillows

Gel fiber pillows are made to feel as fluffy as down while still offering firmness and support during the night. The Cool N' Comfort Gel Fiber Pillow with CoolMax Technology 2-Pack ($31.44 after discount; originally $149.99) features CoolMax, keeping your pillow cool and dry throughout the night.

The Arctic Chill Super Cooling Gel Fiber Pillow 2-Pack ($59.49 after discount; originally $199.99) is a medium-weight pillow that will easily adjust to your neck and head, even if you're switching between side, back and stomach sleeping positions all night.

Filled with superior cool, hypoallergenic poly gel fiber, these Sleeper Down Alternative pillows are covered in a soft-brushed microfiber shell with MicronOne technology, offering extra protection against dust, mites, or even bedbugs. They're available in 2-packs for stomach sleepers ($72.24 after discount; originally $149) or side and back sleepers ($72.24 after discount; originally $149).

Pillows, pillows, pillows…

The CERAMO Queen Pillow ($50.95 after discount; originally $79) takes memory foam to the next level with a bio-ceramic gel that not only offers a cooling effect when you sleep but actually produces far-infrared energy that can improve your blood oxygen levels, promotes muscle relaxation, increases blood flow and reduces stress.

Or you can go with CarbonIce: 7-in-1 Bacteria Protection and Cooling Pillow ($75.64 after discount; originally $129) with Activ-Air technology, enhancing breathability while keeping you cool with increased comfort, a dual memo-density system to choose your firmness and an ergonomic design to promote orthopedic sleeping.

Sleep Yoga pillows

If you've never heard of Sleep Yoga, they produce a line of posture pillows designed by a chiropractor and sleep industry engineer to help correct posture problems while you sleep. The  Side Sleeper Arm Rest Pillow with Pillow Cover ($50.99 after discount; originally $69.99) lets you rest your whole arm while side sleeping to help keep your shoulder joints aligned.

The Multi-Position Body Pillow with Pillow Cover ($50.99 after discount; originally $69.99) features a tri-section design that allows full-body support in various positions. And the Dual-Neck Pillow with Pillow Cover ($50.99 after discount; originally $69.99) is ergonomically designed for those who frequently switch positions without having to adjust or even fold the pillow. Sleep Yoga gets it right, no matter your position.