Home fitness has never been more important — and these deals can help

While all of us face the daily challenges and major concerns surrounding the coronavirus epidemic and accompanying societal lockdown measures, there are also handfuls of smaller-scale crises sparked by the outbreak. Like…what do I do if I can't go to the gym?

Gyms and workout facilities in many areas are already closed until further notice, so how do you keep from comfort-binging mint chocolate chip ice cream and watching your fitness goals fall off a cliff in the meantime?

Well, these six workouts and full-body wellness programs might help do the trick. And right now, you can also save an additional 15 percent by entering the code SPRINGSAVE15 during checkout. We're all in this together, people. Stay strong.

iBodyFit Premium Diet & Workout Plan: Lifetime Subscription – $42.49 after discount; originally $499

From the weight room to the living room, iBodyFit workouts can help keep you toned up, no matter where you do the work. Ranked no. 1 in online fitness by TopTenReviews.com, this premium plan includes the entire iBody package, including all 400 online workouts, all 40 custom diet plans and all the daily support and feedback you need from the iBodyFit team. So whether you want to do a 4-week Fat Burner plan, an 8-week Muscle Toner plan or the 12-week Beach Bod Shredder plan, you're covered.

The Complete Fitness Trainer Certification Bundle: Beginner to Advanced – $24.65 after discount; originally $2,200

Maybe the best way to maintain all your lofty fitness goals is to just become a trainer yourself. With this expansive 11-course collection, you'll get all the instruction you need to not only know all the dietary, exercise and lifestyle paths toward keeping yourself happy and healthy, but also how to work that magic on others. You'll even learn how to market yourself as a fitness trainer and get certified in disciplines like diet and nutrition, health and wellness, workouts and bodybuilding, weight loss and more.

TMAC FITNESS Beginner & Advanced Workouts: Lifetime Membership – $181.90 after discount; originally $3,580

If you aren't carving out time to go to the gym these days, it also seems likely you aren't finding a full hour or more to do a complete workout regimen either. TMac Fitness is geared around 20-minute, no-equipment workouts that cater to busy, on-the-go lifestyles. In addition to the over 70 workouts crafted for both beginners and advanced workout fiends, TMac also centers on forging a healthy, productive lifestyle as well, so each workout ends with a brief meditation to help strengthen your mind, body, and soul.

Live Streaming Fitness: Lifetime Subscription – $67.15 after discount; originally $499

If you miss the personal, communal feeling of hitting your favorite gym classes, Live Streaming Fitness can give you the next best thing — daily live streaming courses. And these aren't just workout classes either. Sure, you get a full slate of yoga, cardio, strength training, and other specialized workout sessions, but your subscription also includes a variety of cooking and nutrition tutorials with advice on healthy foods, meal plans, weight loss and more.

LSF offers classes 24/7 with a roster of elite-level trainers and nutritionists standing by to help whenever you need it.

Project HASIKO 28-Day Total Body Wellness Program: Lifetime Access – $33.15 after discount; originally $198

With many workout facilities closed for at least three weeks to a month, the 28-day Project Hasiko plan fits right in to fill the gap. Over four weeks, the Hasiko Flow offers a 60-minute morning session that combines pilates, yoga, and meditation to help you get healthier, reduce stress, have more energy and exude vitality. Not only will you become physically stronger and more flexible, 100 minutes of guided meditation each week will help you shape a life that fits with your core values.

Crush Fit: Ultimate Fitness Program Bundle – $33.15 after discount; originally $199.96

This 60-day, two-phase interactive home workout guide is specifically designed to help you crush fitness goals from the comfort of your home. With the Crush60 program, you'll focus on decreasing overall body fat while you build lean muscle and gain strength. This hard-charging workout test different types of muscle fibers with drastic weight changes to challenge your body into greater results. There's even a Booty Bootcamp here, dedicated to…well, you get the picture.