Shut in sounds: Ryan McNally—Cold to You

With the spooky times that we're living in, chances are pretty good that you're staying at home as often as your responsibilities and level of health allow.

14 days ago, I had to head into the hospital: blood was coming outta places where blood's supposed to stay put. The only thing that's kept me from going insane wondering whether or not I may have been infected with COVID-19 while my bits were being inspected, has been good music. One of the new-to-me-acts I stumbled upon while I was losing sleep over the past two weeks is Ryan McNally. Raised in rural Quebec and, from what I gather, now based out of northwestern Canada, McNally's sound is a delightful mishmash of influences that I could listen to for hours at a time.

If you dig what you hear, you can show McNally some love by plunking down a few bucks for one of his two albums, over at Bandcamp.