Here's an updated list of initiatives to 3D-print masks and face shields for coronavirus health care workers

Forbes senior contributor, TJ McCue, has been keeping an updated list of various corporate and maker/makerspace initiatives to 3D print filter masks and face shields for healthcare workers.

As I said in my earlier posts, there is a rallying cry, a peaceful, but intense call to arms, if you will. People all over the world are seeing that many of our biggest players are struggling or faltering and they are stepping in to fill the breach. This is not insignificant, but also this is not unprecedented in the 3D printing world. This is actually the norm for makers and hackers (the good kind); they are helpful and immensely generous, especially in the face of true need. I have written about this industry and its players for many years and I am always moved to tears of joy by the people and organizations who stand up for others and deliver to help solve a problem that 3D printing is uniquely able to solve. I want to tell you about a few of them during the challenging times we face in the Coronavirus.

Read the whole piece and see the initiatives TJ has collected to date.

Image: Face shield design from Prusa Research