Trump and Putin to talk of ending sanctions, 'whole [Russia] thing turned out to be a hoax."

During a call-in to 'Fox & Friends' that lasted an hour, Trump says next call is with Putin.

Impeached toddler president Donald Trump says he and his boss, Russian crimelord-president Vladmir Putin, will talk on the phone today about trade.

While babbling on the Fox News show 'Fox and Friends,' Trump suggested that he has plans to lift U.S. sanctions against Russia.

"The whole [Russia] thing turned out to be a hoax," Trump said.

Yes, America, this is really happening. Remember, Trump promised that Putin would be coming for an official state visit, to Washington, DC, in September. Buckle up.

Just moments earlier on Fox & Friends, when asked about disinformation campaigns pushed by Russia, Iran and China, Trump shrugged it off as commonplace.

"They do it and we do it," Trump said. "Hey, every country does it."

Who initiated the phone call? For what stated purpose? Will we know what was said?