Home video calls aren't going away any time soon — so it’s time to clean up your backgrounds

Whether it's your boss, your old high school friends or your over-critical family you're looking to impress, having your background looking as put together as possible during hours of Zoom calls is a must. You might not realize it in the moment, but that unmade bed in the back of your video chat shot says a lot about you — so start sending a better message.

With production quality greenscreen app XSplit VCam, they’ll never see anything you don’t want them to see. XSplit VCam is tailored to create a background for any video production, conferencing or vlog that is simple to use and looks great.

With XSplit, users just include the app as a camera source, fire up their webcam and start recording. For some light adjustments, a soft blur to the background can smooth out distractions and draw viewer attention to the crystal clear focal image in the video.

If you just don’t have a physical space that you like as a video background, no problem -- with XSplit, you can create one. Upload the jpg, gif or png image you want to use and that image is now your backdrop, offering a look that’s almost indistinguishable from a news broadcast or other high-production video. You can also insert a web page, YouTube video or another video of your choice as your background, making sure you never give viewers a chance to get bored with your video.

XSplit is compatible with all the major video chat apps and conferencing solutions, so it’s perfect for remote work, virtual interviews, meetings, or teaching. It also integrates seamlessly for users streaming live video on broadcast services like Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) or Steamlabs.

Since you definitely don’t want to be showing your co-workers or closest friends the disaster that is your makeshift home office/workout studio/craft space in one, you can get a lifetime subscription to XSplit VCam, a $49.95 value, for just $19.99.