Unhinged Trump coronavirus briefing: 'There will be death,' says 1,000 military personnel going to NY

'"Who ever heard of 180 million masks?",' Trump asked of the urgent face mask requests by FEMA and HHS.

"There will be death," said impeached President Donald Trump today, weeks after having called the coronavirus pandemic at various times a 'hoax' or 'the flu.'

The Saturday, April 4 White House coronavirus briefing included Trump, and Doctors Birx and Fauci.

"Busy time, busy time," Trump began.

This week and next are likely to be the toughest, he predicted, in terms of Americans dying of COVID-19.

"There will be death," he slurred.

He also said that it is critical that certain media outlets stop spreading false rumors, fear and panic, presumably referring to Fox News and OAN, his favorites.

Then, he promised to ramp up military involvement in the domestic pandemic response.

Fears of shortages "have led to inflated requests" from some states, Trump lied.

"We're the greatest backup that ever existed for the states," he added.

The President also announced the deployment of 1,000 military personnel to New York to assist in dealing with the crisis.