What are these mysterious objects filmed flying close to the moon?

This footage appears to be a telescopic shot of the moon in daylight.

The camera zooms in on the sharply-lit crescent horizon. This reveals several objects apparently flying close to its surface, casting convincing shadows as they move from sunlight into darkness. The objects are clearly miles long, given the scale involved and the shadows cast. It's the only video on the channel, named Jean-Michel Tenac.


1) Fake. Too lucky, not to mention the ostentatious "I'm real!" camera shake and mic spike, and the moon stops distorting suddenly 34 seconds in. Below are two recreations by animators Mendez Mendez and Kathryn Ross, respectively, each showing how it might have been created with CG using NASA data. They aren't as convincing as the original, but are effective demonstrations of technology and technique.

2) Aliens. They're sick of watching us do this to ourselves and are coming to help/destroy us.

The UFO people have already started making zoomier cuts with ominous music.