How coronavirus is kickstarting the 21st century

"When the #coronavirus lockdown is lifted, we'll be closer to living in the world envisioned in the 1990s by the likes of @EFF, @WIRED, @stewartbrand, @rossetto, @janemetcalfe, @kevin2kelly, @2000_mondo, and others," says Nick Gillespie of Reason. Here's a video he made to explore the idea that "we may realize that life is mostly better in the cloud, where it's possible to learn faster, work better, and generally get what you really want delivered directly to your door, and for less money."

I definitely agree with learning faster online part. For me, video learning is the best thing to come out of the Internet. My 16-year-old daughter devours coding, math, and science videos, and when I watch some of them with her, I realize they quality of the teaching is superior to any class I took in high school.

Image: YouTube