Automating fake PDF signatures

Cory reports on a gem of a utility called Falsisign.

Falsisign takes in 27 variants of your signature and then feeds these sigs and your PDF to it, with the (x,y) for each signature blank as arguments, and it will produce a slightly off-center, slightly degraded new PDF that looks like you actually signed it.

Life before Falsisign:

  1. Receive document as an attached PDF
  2. Paste a digital scan of your signature on the signature lines of the document
  3. Return "signed" document by email
  4. Receive email from person who sent the document telling you that you have to actually print the PDF sign it, scan it, and email it back
  5. Print the PDF
  6. Sign it
  7. Scan it
  8. Email it back

Life after Falsisign:

  1. Receive document as attached PDF
  2. Run
  3. Email it back