This $14 training course can help you master all things Google Analytics

Believe it or not, you can still score a new job in the midst of the pandemic. There are a bunch of industries under more demand stress than ever that have an immediate need to grow. Regardless of the specific role needed or company that's hiring, one skill that can only help you score an offer letter is knowing the ins and outs of Google Analytics. But plenty of people can say they know GA, so how do you get an edge? By getting certified.

Having a certification in Google Analytics is more valuable than you may realize. It's the sort of thing that, when added to your resume or nonchalantly dropped into a cover letter, lets hiring managers know you're serious, dedicated, and seriously dedicated to data—that thing all businesses need to be their most successful. Employers will know that you're capable of using the web's premier analytics tool to glean actually useful information from every page on their website. We're talking about insights they can leverage to make better decisions about both day-to-day and big-picture operations and strategies. How's that for explaining why you're the best candidate for the role?

In just 2 days of studying, this online Google Analytics Certification course will prepare you to ace the free exam. With 20 lectures led by Google Certified Marketer Daragh Walsh, you'll have all the material you need to earn your GA certification. Daragh has worked with over 300,000 students who've left more than 40,000 top-rated reviews, so you know you'll be in good hands.

In this course, you'll get engaging HD video lessons plus 200 practice questions and answers. Jump to Lecture 3, Section 10 to learn 3 strategies guaranteed to help you reduce your studying time by 50% or more before prepping for the exam with a detailed overview. The material even includes tips on how to pass the first time and provides access to help on dedicated active discussion forums.

Spend your inside time investing in your career with the Google Analytics Certification: Get Certified In 2 Days course, available now for 93% off at only $13.99.