The quarantine coloring book project on Instagram

How cool is this? The Quarantine Coloring Book is an open art project on Instagram where artists can submit black and white images to be considered for the "book" and all of the uploaded images are available to be downloaded, colored, and then uploaded and tagged so that everyone following the project can see your handiwork. Fun for shut-ins of all ages!

The Instagram page is here. You can see all of the colored pages tagged to date here.

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Finished :) Go check out quarantine coloring book! They’re gonna be uploading pages for free, you can color them any way you want! #quarantine #coloring @gerardway @thequarantinecoloringbook #thequarantinecoloringbook

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This was fun! The stars reminded me of Keith Haring so I added some more. And the rainbow lettering is my favorite, I like the palette I ended up with. Yes this is my cats account but a human did complete this... please sue me. #thequarantinecoloringbook #TQCB @thequarantinecoloringbook @gerardway @seriouscreep @lolaplusg @prentler

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did this instead of hw 👉👈 #thequarantinecoloringbook

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