Idiots in the UK risk their community for the sake of socialization and bouncy castles

Apparently, Greater Manchester is the New Florida during spring break of the United Kingdom. Despite warnings, daily updates to the number of victims of COVID-19 and the threat of steep fines for breaking quarantine or engaging in large public gatherings, an absurd number of Mancunians refuse to do anything to prevent the spread of coronavirus. The local police? They're pissed off.

From The BBC:

There were 1,132 coronavirus-related breaches reported between 25 March and 7 April, the force said.

That included 494 house parties – some with DJs, fireworks and bouncy castles – and 166 street parties.

One woman in Bury became the first person in Greater Manchester to be charged under the Coronavirus Act 2020 after police had to repeatedly shut down one of the gatherings.

The force, which has released updated figures, also had to deal with 122 different groups gathering to play sports, 173 more gatherings in parks and 112 incidents of anti-social behaviour and public disorder.

All of this, of course, is absolutely insane. Not only does this sort of lunacy increase the possibility of infection for anyone in attendance of such bullshit get-togethers, it's also putting police officers in danger of contracting coronavirus, each and every time they have to show up to shut a party down. Also, where the hell do you get a bouncy castle in the middle of a pandemic?

Having been safely, if not happily housebound since the end of February, I can't imagine what selfish needs that folks throwing parties and generally ignoring medical advice in the name of maintaining their social lives are thinking.

Image via Flickr, courtesy of Holidayextras