Adobe Illustrator is the Swiss Army knife of art apps. This training can make you an expert.

Even in their well-stocked pantry of digital goodies, Illustrator might be the most stealthily powerful app that Adobe’s popular Creative Cloud offers. As the go-to platform to create virtually any scalable vector graphic project, its versatility is mostly unmatched, even by its more famous sibling Adobe Photoshop.

Of course, learning how to harness all that creative power is another story. While you’ve got a few extra hours to kill these days, now’s a great time to go deep exploring the vast capabilities of this foundational graphic design tool with the training in The Ultimate Adobe Illustrator’s Guidebook Certification Bundle.

Whether you’re a CC first timer or just could use some extra practice with everything Illustrator can do, this collection brings together nine courses from some top instructors to explain and explore it all.

Four courses here lay the groundwork for beginners, advancing from understanding basics, exploring lines and brushes and using the pen tool to color management, creating vector shapes and typographies and how to do processes like image traces. Using those lessons on some real-world examples like redrawing famous logos will start giving you a firm command of everything Illustrator can do.

The training advances from there, helping students tackle increasingly more difficult projects, yet always using actual hands-on training examples to help reinforce the learning.

A course like Digital Design Masterclass for Graphic Designers With Adobe goes deep on digital design theory training in icon design, website layout, digitizing sketches, eBook cover design, social media campaign design, and more; while Master Popular Graphic Design Projects gets into specific media for you to create like building your own package designs, digital assets, social media graphics, album art, magazine covers, layout spreads and beyond. Read the rest

Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, and the Moon will line up on April 14, 15, 16

Good news, everyone! Read the rest

The most comprehensive timeline to date of coronavirus and US government’s response

From Just Security:

What follows is a comprehensive timeline of major U.S. policy events related to the novel coronavirus pandemic. We’ve focused on the U.S. government’s preparation for a pandemic, tracking warning signals of COVID-19, and public and internal responses when the outbreak hit inside the United States.

In our view, the timeline is clear: Like previous administrations, the Trump administration knew for years that a pandemic of this gravity was possible and imminently plausible. Several Trump administration officials raised strong concerns prior to the emergence of COVID-19 and raised alarms once the virus appeared within the United States. While some measures were put in place to prepare the United States for pandemic readiness, many more were dismantled since 2017.

In response to COVID-19, the United States was slow to act at a time when each day of inaction mattered most–in terms of both the eventual public health harms as well as the severe economic costs. The President and some of his closest senior officials also disseminated misinformation that left the public less safe and more vulnerable to discounting the severity of the pandemic. When it came time to minimize the loss of life and economic damage, the United States was unnecessarily underprepared, had sacrificed valuable time, and confronted the pandemic with a more mild response than public health experts recommended. These lapses meant that the United States was ultimately forced to make more drastic economic sacrifices to catch up to the severity of the pandemic than would have otherwise been necessary.

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A review of Animal Crossing by someone who hates it

My daughter and I are enjoying Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but when I read Cecilia D'Agostino's negative review of the smash hit Nintendo title in Wired, I couldn't help but think she has a point. Read the rest

Trump says his "authority is total"

During a totally unhinged coronavirus briefing that was a verbal abuse session and campaign rally, impeached and manifestly unfit U.S. president Donald Trump said "When somebody is the President of the United States, the authority is total." Read the rest

Shade thrown at Trump by CNN chyrons during bonkers coronavirus briefing


Russia's health disinformation campaign against U.S. has been going on for 10+ years — NYT

“'The difference now is the speed with which it spreads, and the denigration of the institutions that we rely on to understand the truth. I think we're in dangerous territory.'”

Don't miss the New York Times investigation detailing Russia's decade-long health disinformation campaign against the United States and other Western democracies, using social media and news outlets to sow confusion and hurt institutions. Read the rest

'Widespread sexual harassment' of McDonald’s female employees in Florida, class action lawsuit claims

A class action lawsuit filed against McDonald's corporation claims that women who worked for the fast food franchise in Florida restaurants were subjected to widespread sexual harassment. Read the rest

For sale on the dark web: +500,000 Zoom accounts, some at less than a penny each

'The purchased accounts include a victim's email address, password, personal meeting URL, and their HostKey'

Robert Fripp in a bee suit and black stockings? Signs of the apocalypse for sure!

There are little lights in this darkness that shine through and make, for a brief moment, the invisible zombie apocalypse seem a bit less horrifying.

One of these for me has been Robert Fripp and his wife Toyah cracking themselves (and the internet) up on her twitter channel.

Watch them as they play DIY Dancing with the Stars in their kitchen and flit about as pollinating bees in their back garden.

And yes, that is Robert Fripp, he of the impeccable 3-piece suits and dour resting face, in a full-on bee costume and sheer black stockings. Nice gams, Bob!

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Take a virtual tour of Ramesses VI tomb

Pandemic tourism is all the rage! Take a virtual tour of the tomb of Ramesses VI in the Valley of the Kings, Luxor, Egypt.

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Wholesale restaurant supply chain opens to the public for the first time — I left with TP, milk, and more (photos/tips)

For the first time in its 40-year history, Restaurant Depot has opened their doors to the public. Read the rest

Watch this person passionately rave about the joy of mall walking as exercise (1987)

This clip is apparently from "Malltime," a 1987 episode of the British TV documentary program Equinox. Some insist that the woman is an actor, and that may very well be true especially given the mall is located in Los Angeles. But that doesn't mean she isn't also a very enthusiastic mall walker.

(via r/ObscureMedia) Read the rest

Disney+ covered up Daryl Hannah's bare butt in Splash

If you watch Splash, the 1984 mermaid rom-com starring Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah, on Disney+, you'll be alerted that the film, rated PG when it was first released, has now "been modified from its original version. It has been edited for content." One piece of content that's been modified is Daryl Hannah's butt. Rather than cut her butt though, Disney+ attempted something much more delicate...

(The A.V. Club) Read the rest

Learn how to develop a video game from the comfort of your couch

From sports to movies to concerts and beyond, so many of our favorite pastimes have been completely derailed by recent events. However, gaming is one hobby that’s only seemed to pick up steam with all these hours spent inside.

Of course, it isn’t hard to see why millions of Americans trapped in their homes would lead to some hefty hours with a controller, blasting evildoers and losing oneself for a while in a completely digital world.

However, we’d suggest rather than allowing Fortnite or Overwatch or Red Dead Redemption 2 gobble up all that time, this could be a perfect moment to start crafting a game all your own instead. With the training in The Hands-On Game Development Bundle: Make Your Own Games, you’ll explore what it takes to create your own intricate gaming universes from the ground up.

This package includes 10 courses that start with the basic programming languages and key development platforms at the center of game creation. Most of these courses teach those disciplines as you’re actually creating small, playable games, making learning new skills not only informative but a lot of fun.

After learning the C++ coding language to create a dungeon-based text game as well as Node.js to build APIs used in apps and multiplayer gaming, training also explores some of the most popular game creation platforms in use today, including Godot and the world leader, Unity.

Different courses layout how to create an engaging strategy game, tactics for understanding movement and shooting in a virtual scenario and even how to build dynamic humanoid-style animated characters with the use of Unity and Adobe’s Mixamo 3D animation software. Read the rest

San Francisco police bust alleged speakeasy

San Francisco Police busted an alleged speakeasy operating in an industrial part of the Bayview neighborhood. Above is a clip of surveillance video that the city attorney's office says shows more than 150 people going in and out of the building. Not only is there a shelter-in-place mandate in San Francisco, the building apparently isn't permitted as a nightclub nor up to fire safety standards for that kind of use. From SFGate:

Over the weekend, officers from SFPD's tactical unit and the Bayview Station seized "DJ equipment, two fog machines, nine gambling machines with $670 in cash inside, two pool tables, bins of liquor, cases of beer, bar furniture, and other nightclub-related items[...]

According to court documents, the building tenant who has been allegedly operating the club told the property owner that he was using the building for storage.

Police are also separately investigating a report of shots fired inside the building on March 15.

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Watch David Bowie on The Dick Cavett Show (1974)

"The lives of the rock stars are really not as strange as the lives of the fans."

And here's Bowie's performance from the show that aired on December 5, 1974:

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