Check out this analog vape pen if you prefer the real thing to liquids and concentrates

Back in the day, sometime after the first assumed vaporizer invention but before modern e-cigarettes were a thing, people used to use lighters to smoke solids instead of batteries to smoke liquids. Wild, right? Well, if retro vibes are your kind of thing or if you simply prefer herbs, flowers, and resins to cartridges of concentrates, you're going to love the Hippie Pipe Analog Vape Pen.

The ideal little vaporizer for on-the-go smoking, this brown rosewood or ebony blackwood device offers a hands-on element that adds an extra level of satisfaction to the whole experience. As user, Justin L. tells it, "This right here is a great product. Took mine to the TOOL concert in San Diego — perfect for rockin' out and on the go!!"

With the Hippie, you'll get the clean smoke and convenience of a vape pen without the need for batteries, chargers, cartridges, atomizers, cartomizers, or clearomizers — no more worrying about losing parts. The new design is pretty to look at and nice to hold, with stunning carbon fiber, wood, and stainless steel build. Plus, it's highly efficient, manufactured with the highest grade of materials. It features a manual telescopic heating chamber that you push out to fill; once you slide the chamber back in place, simply heat it with a double jet flame torch lighter and let the magic happen. Once the ideal temperature is reached, the indicator slot changes color from black to chrome, and you'll know it's time to indulge.

Measuring just 1" x 5" x 2", each non-electronic Hippie Pipe includes a brush and packing tool. Scoop yours up now and save 50% on the MSRP of $79.99 with the sale price of $39.99.

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