Led Zeppelin's "Ramble On" — what makes this song great?

Speaking of one of the Internet's coolest music teachers, Rick Beato… in the most recent episode of his "What Makes This Song Great?," he breaks down Led Zeppelin's rock classic, "Ramble On," from Led Zeppelin II.

While Rick's channel is clearly targeted at fellow musicians and students of music, even a failed guitar player and crappy drummer like myself can find real satisfaction in these song deconstructions. If nothing else, it's great to hear the isolated song elements and how they all come together. And years of watching Rick's channel has definitely deepened my understanding of musical composition and studio recording.

Like a lot of content creators, Rick's channel has been running afoul of YouTube and record company IP take-down bots. This video got blocked and then it was mysteriously unblocked. This may have been thanks to members of Led Zeppelin themselves, along with others, complaining on Twitter. So, watch it while you can. And if it disappears again, you can catch it on Rick's Instagram feed.

Image: YouTube