This precision multi cooker has all of the features of a Sous Vide without the massive price tag

For those who have spent years lamenting the fact that they never seem to have any time for simple pleasures like putting together a home-cooked meal…we introduce you to home quarantine.

Granted, this probably isn't the way you wanted to find your way back to the kitchen, but while you've got this time, maybe you should invest in an appliance that can tackle about as many different cooking options as you can dream up.

The SOUS°V Pot Precision Sous Vide Multi-Cooker has the look and feel of an appliance you'd find a chef's kitchen, yet with all its sneaky packed-in utility, it's actually versatile enough to justify its counter space by handling a variety of culinary tasks.

In case you've never tried sous vide cooking, it's the process of dropping vacuum-sealed food in a plastic bag into a very precisely heated water bath, usually for a long, slow cook. The process, a favorite in restaurants, helps retain the food's natural flavors while ensuring consistent results every time. The SOUS°V handles those duties like a champ, including Dual Accutemp Technology, a top-mounted high precision temperature probe that automatically drops down in sous vide mode to take the water temperature directly and accurately.

With all the control options on the front panel, it's easy to set the cooking temperature and time so your meal will be done when you want it — and cooked your way.

But in case you always wanted to try sous vide cooking, but couldn't justify the expense for a device that specialized, the SOUS°V lists sous vide as just one of its many talents. Once you've prepared pork sous vide, this cooker lets you give it a nice sear for crispness.

This kitchen terror also lets you saute, cook rice, steam or boil, all in one unit. And since the SOUS°V is all about absolutely precise temperature control, the device will never overheat to dangerous temperatures. Meanwhile, the non-stick surfaces speed up your cleanup as well.

The SOUS°V Pot Precision Sous Vide Multi-Cooker has a retail price of $129.99, but this current deal knocks nearly $20 off the price, bringing your total to just $111.


SOUS°V Pot Precision Sous Vide Multi-Cooker – $111

Start cooking for $111