Your passwords are the key to you. Keeper Unlimited Password Manager makes sure they stay with you.

If you write down passwords, use easily crackable passwords like your birthday or recycle the same ones over and over…you're doing it all wrong.

We get it…because remembering several dozen passwords for all your personal and professional logins, accounts and websites is borderline madness. But trust us. You're leaving yourself open to disaster.  And we aren't telling you anything you didn't already know.

If your password security could use an upgrade, it's way past time to muscle up with the help of an industry-leading password protection app like Keeper Unlimited Password Manager.

With a Keeper subscription, you only need to remember one master password protected by two-factor authentication to access your account.

Otherwise, every time you go to a website that requires a login or password, Keeper will offer to create a new one up to 51 unbreakable characters long and save it. When you return, Keeper will automatically fill in the needed information so all you have to do is click enter or authenticate with a fingerprint. It's just that easy.

Keeper also has your back for your other vital personal information. It can save credit card numbers, phone numbers, addresses and all the other identity details you need to fill in to complete online forms or purchases. And in the interests of security, all your personal data is fully encrypted and saved only on your personal devices, never on Keeper's own servers. There's no way your financial information can fall into the wrong hands — because all that info stays only with you.

Keeper syncs all your data across all your devices, so your access remains seamless from your phone to your tablet to your laptop. There are also easy steps for creating special access passwords or limited use passwords so any user you authorize can access that account under your conditions. You can even establish your one personal data vault with documents or other data that only you or someone with the correct code can access.

Full 3-year password protection from Keeper Unlimited Password Manager regularly costs $89.97, but with the current deal, it's now available for just $53.99.


Keeper Unlimited Password Manager – $53.99

Protect yourself for $53.99