Save 20% on this dog DNA test kit that includes full genetic screening

Between Ancestry, 23 and Me and all the rest of the DNA testing companies out there today, you can uncover incredibly detailed genetic information about yourself, not to mention trace back familial connections potentially hundreds of years.

Yet unless pedigree was established at birth, it's very likely that one member of the family not only didn't make it into your family tree but doesn't have a genetic history that extends much beyond mutt. Yes, we're talking about your dog.

But just as with human DNA services, testing service DNA My Dog has started to offer up a lot more than anecdotal historical information about your four-legged pal.

Not only does DNA My Dog break down your dog's exact breed, genetic composition, and personality traits, but a simple swab of your dog's cheek can unlock all the details you need to help your pet live a long and happy life.

DNA My Dog screens each pooch for over 100 of the most common diseases for their particular breed. No matter how old your dog, this medical projection is an invaluable medical snapshot of your pet's health, offering important tips about potential health risks and other methods for keeping your dog safe and happy.

Each set of results also comes with a custom photo certificate outlining your dog's full genetic breed composition, so even if your pet was a rescue or a stray, you'll have vivid test results with 99.97 percent accuracy on your dog's complete genetic history.

Considering how much man's best friend contributes to your life, this simple testing can go a long way to ensuring you're able to repay the favor by giving your dog just the proper care they need as they get older. You'll probably even find out a lot about your canine buddy that you never even knew!

A full DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test along with Full Genetic Screening usually costs $225, but you can save 20 percent right now with this deal, cutting your price down to only $178.99.


DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test Plus Full Genetic Screening – $178.99

Know your dog for $178.99