Nobody's bathroom is great, even your own. The Happy Sit Kit can help you fight the good fight.

Look, there's a reason no one uses public restrooms outside of a serious emergency. That's because they're usually pretty disgusting.

I mean, we don't expect a fast-food restaurant or retail store to have a bathroom you would want to spend any real length of time in, but a general level of basic sanitation would be nice. And if we could break up the odor left by the last guy in that far stall, that'd be great too.

Now with the surge in awareness of cleanliness and infectious disease protocol, even our own home bathrooms probably aren't as hygienic as we'd like them to be. With all that in mind, there may be a day soon when we're all carrying around sanitation go-bags like The Happy Sit Kit.

This ultimate kit is built to immediately deploy every weapon you need in the fight against a less-than-pristine restroom. Everything is compactly arranged inside the portable 8-inch-long leather bag from your own toilet paper to a toilet seat cover to an air freshener to mask…well, anything someone else did in there.

As for cleanup, the Sit Kit also includes sanitary wipes and hand sanitizer so any bacteria or other microscopic terrors creeping around never survive their contact with you.

There's even a mirror, so if you're in a porta-potty or camping out in the woods, you can still double-check that you look stellar after your gross brush with the call of nature.

The durable handle allows you to hook the Sit Kit anywhere so it never touches a counter or the ground and the whole thing packs back up easily to slide right into any purse or gym bag.

There's no such thing as too clean these days — and the Happy Sit Kit is an easy way to stay as cootie-clean as possible.

The Happy Sit Kit usually retails for $25, but right now, you can $5 off the cost of your kit, down to just $19.99.


The Happy Sit Kit: On-the-Go Sanitation Kit – $19.99

Clean up for $19.99