A standing desk could change everything about your work from home routine

Your "work routine" is likely in shambles. Between working from home and all that entails and the broken habits you built before while heading into the office every day, your work rhythm probably looks a lot different than it did two months ago.

So if you're already making changes, it might be time to consider another colossal shift in your status quo. Like…have you ever thought about getting a standing desk? Standing at a desk while working rather than sitting for three hours has been shown to burn almost 170 extra calories. There's also evidence standing can lower your blood sugar, lower your risk of heart disease, and significantly reduce back pain. 

Armed with all that knowledge, the Stan Desk Adjustable Standing Desk could not only be a great way to shake up your workspace but actually improve your overall health and well-being.

The Stan Desk is designed for laptop users with a variety of height adjustments and shelving slots to help you achieve your ideal posture. The whole thing comes together in about 30 seconds, and once you perch it on top of a regular office desk, you can hit just the configuration that works best for you.

The sturdy wooden construction ensures you'll get years of use out of your Stan Desk and its signature minimalist hourglass design. At just 11 pounds, it's ultra-portable, so whether you're at home or back in the office one day, your standing desk can start becoming your new normal.

Beyond the physical health benefits, the standing desk allows oxygen-rich blood to flow to the areas of your brain that release endorphins and serotonin. So in effect, a standing desk will actually make you feel good. Throwing in your optimized performance and the way the Stan Desk combats upper crossed syndrome and it's definitely at least worth a tryout in your new office setting.

Right now, you can save almost $50 off the price of a Stan Desk Adjustable Standing Desk, now on sale for only $199.99.