Here's the key to unlocking Microsoft Office's most powerful apps

Even if you've been using Microsoft Office for decades, you know there's more. And for every insider trick or time-saving tip you've picked up over the years, you can be sure there is a veritable fountain of execution and efficiency gems that you never knew existed in these battle-tested core productivity apps.

We all know Office is never going anywhere, so you might as well start unearthing every trick and tip in the book with the training found in The All-In-One Microsoft Office Professional Suite Certification Prep Bundle.

This training includes 12 courses and over 70 hours of instruction in the proper care and feeding of Office's most popular and most productive apps. With the help of lectures, worksheets, quizzes, videos and more, you'll expand your knowledge in five Office staples to elite level, which should help you conquer just about any business task you have ahead of you.

It may seem like everyone has used Microsoft Word, but the Introduction, Intermediate and Advanced courses here break down the word processing cornerstone like never before. From formatting, headers, footers, and spell checking to placing and sizing images, wrapping text and adjusting page orientation and layout to complex bibliographies and indexes, comments and change tracking, this deep-dive explains it all.

Microsoft Excel is still the spreadsheet gold standard, and the three-course collection digs into it everything, all the way up to advanced formulas and macro training that elevate data manipulation to a whole new level.

The rest of the coursework includes dual-course packages delving into three more Office hotspots. Beginner and advanced training work students through the elite presentation abilities found in Microsoft PowerPoint; the messaging, calendars, and contacts powers of Microsoft Outlook; and the often unexplored realm of databases and database management with the overlooked Microsoft Access.

Technology has never created a suite of productivity tools that have impacted the world like Microsoft Office — and once you're tackled all this training, you'll see how these core apps can impact literally any business ever created.

Valued at $2,200, this entire collection is available now for a fraction of that total, only $34.99.


The All-In-One Microsoft Office Professional Suite Certification Prep Bundle – $34.99

Get Office ready for $34.99