Senate unanimously passes ~$500 billion coronavirus relief bill to add funds for hospitals, testing, small business loans

Coronavirus package injects $321 Billion more into SBA relief program

By voice vote, the Senate approved $500 billion more in coronavirus relief, which brings to nearly $3 trillion the amount of federal funds allocated to deal with the COVID-19 crisis.

The House is expected to approve it on Thursday.

From Reuters:

The deal provides $321 billion for a small business lending program, $60 billion for a separate emergency disaster loan program also for small businesses, as well as $75 billion for hospitals and $25 billion for national coronavirus testing.

The Senate was expected to vote on the plan later on Tuesday, and the House of Representatives later in the week, most likely on Thursday.

Congressional leaders had said they were very close to an agreement on legislation to provide more money to help small businesses, after an initial $350 billion fund was quickly exhausted.

The bill agreed on Tuesday would be the fourth major piece of legislation passed as the federal government seeks to ease the heavy economic and personal toll of a pandemic that has killed more than 42,000 Americans and left more than 22 million people out of work.