Las Vegas mayor offers city as 'control group' to see how many die of COVID-19 without social distancing

You might say she was willing to gamble with their lives.

It's been quite a week for politicians saying awful things that reveal how little they care about the human beings they govern. Latest case in point, the mayor of Las Vegas.

In this CNN clip with Anderson Cooper, Mayor Carolyn Goodman of Las Vegas, Nevada offers her city as a "control group" — she says, "we offer to be a control group" (!!!) — to find out how many people will become infected with coronavirus and die without social distancing.

She is a supporter of impeached president Donald Trump, who is pushing states and mayors to lift social distancing guidelines. Trump is also tweeting erratic commands to his armed supporters about liberating states, and it's all very weird.

Watch the clip:

The brouhaha over her televised comments may be for naught — there are reports she has no such jurisdiction, anyway.

The Las Vegas Strip is not in the City of Las Vegas.

She is the mayor of the City of Las Vegas, not the Las Vegas Strip.

More from reporters trying to make sense of it all, below.