This gorgeous Dune fan art is like an epic art nouveau Anime adaptation of the series

These were made by artist Chezka Sunit. And as excited as I am about that new live-action Dune movie, I'm already craving an anime version using this artwork 'cause it's gorgeous.

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Dune Series #7 Chani (Chani Kynes) of the Fremen of Arrakis. 🗡🏜 I apologize for the lackluster Crysknife design, I've always imagined it looking a bit plain but serves it's purpose. She has the same face mask as Muad'Dib but I imagine them being retractable at some parts, I really wanted to draw Chani's face more (her tatts are inspired from Bedouin women). Also sorry for not posting as frequently as before, I've gotten a lot of work due to this series (I actually do commissions, DM for rates) and I couldn't be more happier! But of course, wouldn't have gotten them without you guys supporting me! ✨💖😄💖✨ #dune #frankherbert #chani #fremen #stillsuit #arrakis #digitalart #scifi #artnouveau #artdeco

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Top image: Shruti Muralidhar / Flickr (CC 2.0)