X releases their first album in 35 years and it's great

I'm listening to X's new album, released today on Bandcamp, and it's amazingly good — loaded with energy and Billy Zoom's mind-warping guitar. It's the original line-up and the band's first album in 35 years. It's called Alphabetland and the cover is by artist Wayne White.

From Rolling Stone:

In interviews, the band members have expressed mixed emotions about making a new album. All of them except for Zoom said they would want to make a new one in a 2017 Rolling Stone profile of the group.

"Families are complicated," Doe said at the time, carefully choosing his words. "There's certain … Yeah, I'm not gonna go there."

"It wouldn't work," Zoom said. "The chemistry wouldn't be right. [Some band members] are in different places and stubborn, and I don't want to go into detail, but it wouldn't sound like an X record." The band has yet to explain the change of heart.