New U.S. Department of Health spokesman deletes racist rant from Twitter

Michael Caputo, the GOP media operative hired last week as a spokesman for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, has an unusually clean and boring twitter feed for a Trump crony.

This is because he deleted his Twitter archives after observers noted the long history of hysterical attacks and conspiracy theorizing there, including a racist rant about the Chinese posted last month.

In one recent conversation he described Trump critics as "the enemy of the people" and "carrying water for the Chinese Communist Party", suggested a criticism of Trump "rhymes with sedition", described the Covid-19 outbreak as a "national pandemic tragedy for the Democrats to win", and said that "millions of Chinese suck the blood of rabid bats as an appetizer and eat the ass out of anteaters but some foriegner snuck in a bottle of the good stuff."

Not content with his remarks about the Chinese, Caputo accused George Soros of "requiring" a pandemic for his "political agenda" and posted the hashtag "#ChineseVirus" twenty times in a row, as many as Twitter would permit.

Caputo, a prolific user who often tweeted insults and profanity, recently erased nearly his entire Twitter history from before April 12. CNN's KFile used the Internet Archive's Way Back Machine to review more than 1300 deleted tweets and retweets from late February to early April many, of which were regarding the rapidly spreading coronavirus.

Caputo's ascent is another reminder there is no bottom. CNN collects all his conspiracy theory stuff from March in one item.